ManageEngine president Raj Sabhlok: Saudi Arabia is ManageEngine’s second largest market in the region

ManageEngine provides IT teams with the solutions they need

By: Samar Yahya

Newsgate360 – Dubai: ManageEngine president Raj Sabhlok delivered the keynote at MangeEngine 9th ME User two-day conference, Monday at the Address Dubai Marina.

Sabhlok spoke to Saudi Gazette about ManageEngine’s partners in Saudi Arabia. They vary from Telecom to finance and governmental ones.

On the services ManageEngine provides, Sabhlok talked about how the company crafts comprehensive IT management software for all business needs; IT service management that includes ServiceDesk Plus, AssetExplorer and Support Center Plus. Identity and access management, unified endpoint management, IT operations management, advanced IT analytics and IT security management.

On ManageEngine role with organizations and in Saudi Arabia “We work to provide IT teams with the solutions they need to do their jobs in diverse fields.” Sabhlok said

On cyber security and how companies like MangeEngine can help their customers where any breaches might happen internally or externally and event not intentionally. “In ManageEngine we provide integrated monitoring, alerting and ticketing tools and the security tools needed to handle all elements of IT security consistently.” Sabhlok said

Sabhlok shared his insights into the dilemma organizations face when undertaking digital transformation projects, and identify top IT initiatives to tackle these challenges.

“Our user conferences have a lot to offer our customers, they get to meet the people behind the products they use, gain valuable insights that help them use those solutions optimally, and network with their peers. Customers get the opportunity to share how they use our products, discuss the challenges they face, and provide input we use to develop even better products.” said Sabhlok.

At the conference, ManageEngine launched a privileged session management solution for enterprises, Access Manager Plus.

In explaining the market’s need for this type of product, Rajesh Ganesan, vice president said, “In order to strengthen IT security, many enterprises are adopting privileged access management solutions into their IT workflows. With comprehensive auditing capabilities, our solution offers complete visibility into all privileged accounts and helps enterprises manage privileged user sessions in real time, preventing any internal/external risks.”

“Allowing remote access to critical infrastructure components can be a double-edged sword for IT leaders, as they have to judiciously handle the productivity it brings against the security risks it opens up. The growing complexity, modernity and heterogeneity of the infrastructure only makes it worse,” said Ganesan.

“With Access Manager Plus, enterprises can now build solid layers of security and compliance, and allow seamless remote access to a wide variety of target systems, boosting overall productivity. Access Manager Plus is part of ManageEngine’s privileged access management suite, which comprises three other solutions: PAM360, Password Manager Pro and Key Manager Plus.” said Ganesan.

Ganesan highlighted ManageEngine’s role in digital transformation and discussed how ManageEngine helps businesses unleash their IT’s potential.

The annual ManageEngine user conference discussed the company’s road map and shares knowledge and IT best practices.

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